I live with bipolar. The Ashdown Forest is local. I walk there regularly, it is my muse. It provides me with grounding and a feeling of security. On Sunday 24th May 2020, I went there for a walk and decided to put my iphone on a selfie stick and film that walk. My book contains images from that walk. It is a one off publication, designed to be housed in a box and viewed as an archival object. It is a record of that day. Sometimes it can take a lot of effort just to get to The Forest. The threat to life that bipolar can pose, makes the act of going to the Forest, an achievement. My reward from the Forest, is this sense of grounding. It also seems to understand what I am feeling, and becomes a bit of welcome company, that seems to empathise with me. The following videos aim to demonstrate the book, and its contents. I have also included some examples of the pages on this page.

                                                       Links to further pages in the That Fine Madness series. Paintings - That Fine Madness.   The Video - Driving Home.